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SoCo Wash

SoCo Wash

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In our efforts to minimize our impact on the environment we have created the Reusable Lash Wash Glass & Tincture Bottle with the intention to provide the most environmentally friendly alternative to our customers. Our durable glass bottle alternative compared to the single-use plastic lash cleansers helps keep unnecessary waste out of your salon and the landfills.

Clean your client lashes without the plastic waste with our Reusable Lash Wash Glass & Tincture Bottle, designed to be used with our Lash Wash Concentrate.

To use:

1. Pour the concentrate into the reusable Lash Wash Glass & Tincture Bottle.

2. Add distilled water to glass bottle.

3. Shake gently to mix.

4. Clean your lashes sustainably!


- Lash Cleansing Brush

- Stainless Steel Funnel

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