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SoCo Lash Wash Refills 5-Pack

SoCo Lash Wash Refills 5-Pack

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In our efforts to minimize our impact on the environment we have created Lash Wash Concentrate with the intention to provide the most environmentally friendly alternative to our customers.

Our lash wash concentrate is designed to be used with our Reusable Lash Wash Glass & Tincture Bottle to help eliminate plastic waste from your salon and the landfills.

Available in a 5 pack and a 25 pack.

Ingredients: Ammonium lauryl ether sulfate, Glycerin, CAB-35 CocaMidopraopyl Betaine, Water.

To use:

1. Pour the concentrate into the reusable Lash Wash Glass & Tincture Bottle.

2. Add distilled water to glass bottle.

3. Shake gently to mix.

4. Clean your lashes sustainably!


- Lash Cleansing Brush

- Stainless Steel Funnel

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