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SoCo 6D.07 D Pre Made Fan 480 Mix

SoCo 6D.07 D Pre Made Fan 480 Mix

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Our Pro-Made XL Lash Trays are made from the highest quality synthetic fiber, designed specifically to adhere to the natural lash. These handmade lashes look like a pre-made fan but are better because they have a tiny base and were hand-made by professionals.

These Pro-made fans are perfect for Lash artists who:
1. Don’t have the ability to create hand-made fans
2. Want to save time
3. Want more room in their schedule for more clients
4. Want to offer express sets for the clients that don't have time to sit through a hand-made appointment
5. Need a back-up "in case of an emergency" fan tray because sometimes we drop our tweezers, need to lash while traveling, or we have that one extra-late client who desperately needs you like right now (such a lifesaver)!
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