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Orly Builder In A Bottle .6oz Concealer

Orly Builder In A Bottle .6oz Concealer

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Semi-sheer nude finish for a natural nail look or perfect base for nail art.

Effortless, brush-on builder application for flawless, longer, natural looking nails. Self-leveling formula allows for maximum control and precision sculpting. Featuring the iconic ORLY bottle + built in Guardian Brush for all-in-one application without the sticky mess.

• Conceal while you build Orly Builder Concealer allows you to extend nail length and conceal all in one step.
• Perfect for a clean neutral nail or base for nail art including the perfect French.
• Hides unwanted blemishes on the natural nail.
• Compatible with Orly’s perfect fit forms and fast forms.
• Cut out having to buy or apply unnecessary products to create the perfect full set of gel extensions.

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