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Dermaplaning Sharps Container

Dermaplaning Sharps Container

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Surgical Blade Removal Unit, non-sterile, capacity 100 blades

The Swann-Morton non-sterile Blade Removal Unit (BRU) allows for safe and easy removal of all sizes of scalpel blade from both #3 and #4 handles.

Safe blade removal and a mini sharps container all-in-one!

In addition to the traditional Swann-Morton single-use blade remover, this blade removal unit (BRU) will hold up to 100 blades and is ideal for use within Medical Offices, for a Chiropodist both in their surgery and whilst making domiciliary visits, for Aestheticians, and for Vets whilst out in the field - combining simplicity of operation with safety during use.

It can also suit those less confident blade users and especially those working in areas where a sharps disposal facility is not immediately available.

Note: Trying to extend the life of this device by trying to remove the contaminated blades from them is strongly discouraged as they are designed as a device solely for the removal of blades and not for long term sharps storage.

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